School Management


SMS Gateways

Communicating with Students, Parents and Staff is easier to send Bulk SMS. Administration can send messages or alerts to parents regarding the attendance of their class, fee due reminder messages etc. Many school software don’t provide integration of SMS software. Having SMS solution integrated with the software will automatically send the alert to parents or student regarding any setting you want. This way you can minimize the communication gap between the school administrations with parents. Having messaging system integration helps you communicate easily.

A school administration can send Bulk SMS’s for lead generations.


Biometric Integration

This integration is basically more important for the biometric attendance system in order to manage attendance of employee and student also. If biometric facility is integrated with your software then it will automatically put the entry in system, which wills easily the work on payroll of staff. Many educational schools are using biometric fingerprint software for the attendance of students, in order to make process error free. Biometric Integration is something should be in your administration software.


E-Mail Integration

Communicating with Students, Parents and Staff is easier with Edulogic integrated built-in facility to send Bulk E-Mails. All the email communication between applicants with respect to change of schedules, timings, new events and leave management information, notifications are integrated with parents, students and staff also.

For the promotional activities an administration can send Bulk Emails for lead generations.