Application Development and Maintenance

EDULogic works directly with customers to overcome today’s challenges, combining the right technologies and skill sets. In today’s real-time business environment, that can make them complex and expensive to maintain. We can help you lower development costs and decrease the time-to-implementation. We approach enterprise application development by putting the user experience front and center. We provide standard architectural design patterns and guidelines to establish consistency across your entire portfolio. That integration ensures all your systems are working and communicating seamlessly.

EDULogic Custom Application Development includes:

  •   Application Managed Services
  •   Service - Oriented Architectures (SOA)
  •   Android Development
  •   Web Applications
  •   Rich Internet Applications

There’s no doubt that custom applications can give your company a powerful competitive advantage. But designing specialized software internally can be time intensive and costly. At Varenya Softech, developing custom enterprise applications is our core competency. Our Custom Application Development helps customers across the industries design, deploy and run Java and Microsoft .NET-based applications that drive real, quantifiable business value.