Adovacate Digital Diary

This Software is very useful for Managing the daily cases diary for Lawyers/ Advocates. This is a very simple and easy to use software, which store information about an advocate’s clients, opponents, cases no., Previous Date, Current Date, Next Date, court name. You can filter the data according to client name,no,case no,case name , Parties, next date etc.

  •   Manage client details, along with case, making it easier to manage, search and communicate.
  •   There is no restriction on number of cases, you can store. Making it, one source of information for you.
  •   Client Profiles manages day-to-day activity and builds a comprehensive client/case/matter database and history that can help improve every aspect of your practice.
  •   Always accessible, electronic diary, avoid errors and loss of Information.

Maintain your client contacts, address, with their other details, easy to manage and fast retrieval of your data. Search client details on many different field like name, email id, city, etc as per your need

Easy manage cases along with all the details. You can retrieve case details on the basis of many criteria such as client, party, case no, dates etc.

  •   Client Detail
  •   Case Detail
  •   Case Notification
  •   Appointment
  •   Fee Detail
  •   Client Outstandings